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Changes, 90 x 90 cm

Eelco Maan’s compositions in colour can be compared to musical arrangements.

Strong contrasts are blended exemplary and with a superb sense of harmony into a unity of subtle variances. His paintings possess a fascinating, mysterious quality which occupy a world of their own, an indescribable world which by far transcends our rational existence.

Eelco Maan has been working as a visual artist since 1994. While his works are abstract, we recognize In them very real imagery – sunlight dancing off water or bursting through mist, cloud formations and rich autumnal colours. His work represents the lyrical abstract art tradition but with its own merit and a mystical undertone. His oeuvre touches ineffably upon works by preceding masters, but always shows a compelling idiosyncratic character, recognisable for its authenticity.

His work has been displayed in galleries and Artfairs in The Netherlands, UK, France, Japan and Belgium since 1995, both as a solo exhibitor and in collaboration with other artists. His paintings are purchased by collectors worldwide.

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